serse (serse) wrote,

Selling some stuff.

I need a bit of cash for ayacon so I'm selling a few bits I never wear/whatever. Thought I'd post here first~

Obviously, if I know you irl you don't have to pay for shipping and I can meet up in Manchester/Nottingham/Ayacon/wherever. I know half these pictures suck, if you want a better one just ask. Shipping isn't included in any of the prices, just ask and I'll quote you. Open to offers on everything, no trades.

Yellow cats eye contact lenses.

I bought these for no apparent reason a while ago and I'll probably never wear them. Great for 'scaring the normals' or whatever it is people do these days. I probably paid around £20, asking £15 plus shipping. They're completely unopened, they'll last about a month of continuous wear or a year for occasional use, I'm not responsible for any little eye amoebas you might pick up wearing them and I'll chuck in a lens case if I can find one lying around anywhere. (idk if I have any solution left but if I do I'll chuck that in too)

Brown glittery shoes.

I wanted brown shoes ages ago but I don't wear brown that often and I prefer my boots tbh. UK size 7, I paid about £15, I'd like £10 plus shipping. I only actually wore them a few times so they're in good condition.

Short blonde wig.

Bought for a cosplay I'll probably never do now. I have a pink one the same style and I like it better so I'm getting rid of this one. It's slightly more blonde than in the picture irl. I've only worn it a few times and I don't have head lice, I promise, but I'll give it a wash if you want. It's made of good quality kanekalon fibre and is very easy to style. It cost me around £20, I'd like £15 plus shipping.

h.NAOTO blood bolero thingy.

I bought this with my birthday money from closet child but I can't really think of any good coordinates for it so I'm selling it. The back has corset lacing over the red fabric, which I'll take a picture of if you want. It's pretty stretchy, it fits fine over my 40" chest and could go a bit further as well. I paid £20 so I'd like to get back £20. Currently on hold because my friend's interested, but if she doesn't want it on monday it's pretty much fair game.

Moitie sheer shirt thingy.

Bought this to go under my cathedral op but it's too tight on my arms so I never wear it. Otherwise the material is pretty stretchy, just watch out if you have fatty-chan arms like me. The rose cross lace is super pretty, as always. I paid £55, I'd like £50 but I'm definitely open to offers on this one (I want it gone, it's taken up space in my wardrobe for too long).

Black beret

Bought this from primark a while ago but it doesn't really suit me. I can't find the black bow anywhere but I'd image that that's easy to replace if you want to. I'd like £1 plus shipping.

My only pair of jeans.

Also bought for a cosplay that never happened. Waist 32" length 32" (or 81 cm if you prefer it that way). I can't remember how much I paid, how about £5 plus shipping?

Vintage blue leather gloves"

Bought for my Mana cosplay that failed because of fanplusfriend. They look much more appealing irl, and they're super comfortable. Size 7. I'd like £10 plus shipping.

Primark skirt

Too short for me so I never wear it. Size 14. I'd like £5 plus shipping.

Millennium ring from yugioh.

Again, bought for a cosplay that never happened. Really well made by Cost £20, I'd like £15 plus shipping.

This is a longshot because I doubt any of you have the same bad taste I did when I was about 14, but would anyone like a Korn hoodie? I can't be bothered with a proper description but if anyone has mallgawf siblings?

I also have 4 doujinshi that I want to get rid of (2 Death Note, 2 D.Gray-man, all contain gayness of varying levels, in Japanese), and the first two volumes of Yami no Matsuei/Descendents of Darkness (in English) so if anyone's interested ask~
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