serse (serse) wrote,

Someone needs to come and stand over me to make sure I'm doing my portfolio because I'm getting like nothing done at the moment. D: And I need to revise for my french exam on wednesday. Bawwwww I fail at life. At least I can retake the french if I fail epically. I wish I could go back home again, because I'm stuck with my shitty flatmates who won't stfu. (I've been singing voltaire loudly in an effort to drown out the stupidity but it isn't working very well D:) At least I have a computer now!

On that note, does anyone have anything that they want translating from Japanese? The only requirements are it has to be not massively long, easily accesible on the internet, and not porn. Helpppp.

Just so you know, my portfolio has to be in on friday and contain more than 10 activities relating to speaking, listening, reading, writing and kanji. So far I have a few things I translated (poupee blog entry, song...), a few listening exercises and some kanji practice. I'm screwed! :D
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