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And now my flatmates are stealing my food. I had a pack of chicken breasts (as well as some other things, which have suffered a similar fate) in the freezer (that I bought like, a week ago) and suddenly they've vanished which means I'm now going to have to walk all the way to tescos to get some more. Seriously one more thing and I am going to snap.

Oh well, I wanted to get a few more bits for my bento anyway. It arrived today so I want to use it tomorrow! I'm ridiculously excited lol. So far it has some of those koala biscuits and some broken-in-half pocky sticks. Tomorrow morning I was going to put in some rice, yakitori, vegetables and some fruit. Om nom nom.

I also bought some new straighteners today. They're all black and the ceramic bit is sparkly. They're also hotter than my old ones. £30 well spent, I think! RIP my trusty old straighteners that even outlasted my mother's.

Just got to wait for my ipod to charge a little longer and I can go to tesco. D:
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