serse (serse) wrote,

Bawwww my stupid chest is bigger again. D: But my waist is smaller? Baawwwww.

I still can't decide which new rocks I want. I am the worst person at making any kind of decision. I suck. Though I just broke my straighteners so I need some new ones, so I might not be able to afford them anyway... But I really want to get some. I'm torn! Faillll. My feet don't hurt so much anymore though! I need to get some superglue or something for my poor boots though... And some shoe polish. lol. I also just bought some awesome tights, like the ones in ap's puppet circus ad. Yayyy.

My first exam is on wednesday! French oral... Not looking forward to it at all. D: I need to revise so much. I also need to do my portfolio... Baawww too much to do. Lame.
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