December 15th, 2010


Leaving sweet lolita sale!

I'm going to make a proper post on egl tonight, but I thought I'd give you guys first dibs.

Remember, I do have three cats, and while they are generally kept away from my clothes they like sleeping on them...

AP lp op:

Comes with matching headbow. Has a stain on the lining, but this is not noticeable when worn. £60 plus shipping.

AP wrist cuffs: made with the same heart lace as on the bottom of the op, with a pink ribbon. £5 plus shipping.

BTSSB lp jsk: (not my pic, colour is more pink than that)

Back shirring, comes with matching headbow. £50 plus shipping.

Primark cardigan: colour is more offwhite than cream

Size 14, worn once. £5 plus shipping.

Bodyline cardigan:

Some marks and piling on the back of the sleeves, though it's not noticeable when worn. £7 plus shipping.

I have the same cardigan in white, which has been worn once and has no marks or anything. £10 plus shipping.

I also have some pink bodyline shoes, they have small platforms and a high heel, and a couple of bows on them. £20 plus shipping.

I'll update properly with pictures later, if you have any questions just ask. I'd rather sell these asap.