September 26th, 2009


Selling my shit again.

I'm not really in need of money anymore but I don't really wear either of these dresses anymore (and truth be told they're kind of too small now anyway...)

Metamorphose Swan Lake jsk

I really love this print but I never wear it. It's missing one of the small buttons that attach the ruffly bib part to the rest of it and I might have lost one of the small bows (although I think I brought them back with me... I'll have to look) Back is shirred, fits up to 36" chest. It has a built in petticoat and I'll get it drycleaned as soon as I can. It apparently cost £160 new so I'd like £120 and shipping.

Metamorphose Music Notes Special Set jsk

I haven't worn this for like a year. It's just taking up space in my wardrobe... Someone take it away!! I don't think I have the waist ties anymore... The back is shirred and will fit up to 37". (high waist so waist is free) The whole set cost like £70, so maybe £40 and shipping? As above I'll get it drycleaned first.

If anyone's interested before I go to the sales comm let me know. Feel free to haggle if you think I'm being unreasonable. I don't have internet at home yet so if you want any extra measurements it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Obviously if you live in Manchester/are willing to travel to Manchester I can give it to you instead of posting it if you want.