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Selling mangoes

I'm clearing out some of the shit I never read. Everything is in good condition, though some are understandably a little bent/have small tears etc. These will of course be accounted for in price, though let me know if you want any specifics! Also you gotta pay shipping, but it will be combined if you buy more than one so just ask. All of these are in English, unless otherwise stated.

Basilisk vol.1: £3
Black Knight vol.1: £1.50
Bloodsucker vol.1: £2
Boy Princess vol.1: £2
Boy Princess vol.2: £2
Boy Princess vol.4: £2
Boy Princess vol.5: £2
D.Gray-man vol.2 (Japanese): £3
Demon Diary vol.3: £1.50
Demon Diary vol.4: £1.50
Demon Diary vol.5: £1
Demon Diary vol.7: £2
Descendants of Darkness vol.1: £1.50
Descendants of Darkness vol.2: £1.50
Descendants of Darkness vol.2: £2
Dragonball vol.1: £2
Fantamir vol.1: £2
Gakuen Heaven: £1.50
Gamerz Heaven vol.1: £2
Gamerz Heaven vol.2: £1
Godchild vol.1: £2.50
Gorgeous Carat vol.2: £1.50
Gorgeous Carat vol. 4: £2
Hero Heel vol.1: £2
Honey and Clover vol.1: £2
Kamikaze Girls: £2.50
Monster vol.1: £2
Nana vol.1: £2.50
Otogi Zoshi vol.1: £2
Return to the Labyrinth vol.1: £1.50
Samurai Deeper Kyo vol.2: £2.50
Trinity Blood vol.1: £1
Trinity Blood vol.1 (Chinese): £3
Yu-Gi-Oh! vol.1: 75p

I also have a bunch of 'sneak' books (with sample chapters of random manga). These are either free with other things (you still have to pay shipping though) or 50p by themselves.

Shonen Jump Sneak Peek 2 (Buso Renkin, The Prince of Tennis, D.Gray-man, Yu-Gi-Oh! Millenium World, Hayate the Combat Butler, Megaman NT Warrior)
Tokyopop Summer 2006 (DearS, Jing: King of Bandits - Twilight Tales, Saiyuki Reload, Samurai Champloo, Ark Angels, Bizenghast, Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, ID_entity, Peach Fuzz, PhD: Phantasy Degree, Psy-Comm, Rebirth)
Tokyopop 2007 vol.1 (Elemental Gelade, Magical X Miracle, Tokyo Mew Mew, Vampire Doll, Yonen Buzz, Archlord, The Dreaming, Last Fantasy, My Dead Girlfriend, Recast, Return to the Labyrinth, Star Trek)
Tokyopop 2007 vol.2 (Beyond the Beyond, Blood Sucker, Bus Gamer, Dazzle, Good Witch of the West, Gothic Sports, King of Thorn, tactics, Angel Cup, Redrum 327, Sorcerers and Secretaries, War Angels)
Tokyopop 2008 vol.1 (Gatcha Gatcha, Gravitation EX, Innocent W, Missile Happy, The Embalmer, RA-I, Trinity Blood, Wild Adapter, Laya the Witch of Red Pooh, Phantom, Poison Candy, Rure, Utopia Avenger)

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