Leaving sweet lolita sale!

I'm going to make a proper post on egl tonight, but I thought I'd give you guys first dibs.

Remember, I do have three cats, and while they are generally kept away from my clothes they like sleeping on them...

AP lp op:

Comes with matching headbow. Has a stain on the lining, but this is not noticeable when worn. £60 plus shipping.

AP wrist cuffs: made with the same heart lace as on the bottom of the op, with a pink ribbon. £5 plus shipping.

BTSSB lp jsk: (not my pic, colour is more pink than that)

Back shirring, comes with matching headbow. £50 plus shipping.

Primark cardigan: colour is more offwhite than cream

Size 14, worn once. £5 plus shipping.

Bodyline cardigan:

Some marks and piling on the back of the sleeves, though it's not noticeable when worn. £7 plus shipping.

I have the same cardigan in white, which has been worn once and has no marks or anything. £10 plus shipping.

I also have some pink bodyline shoes, they have small platforms and a high heel, and a couple of bows on them. £20 plus shipping.

I'll update properly with pictures later, if you have any questions just ask. I'd rather sell these asap.

Here is my tl;dr amecon thingy. Feedback?

It's supposed to be around 15mins long... Obviously I'll have pictures to flick through as well. This is just the rough version, if there's anything glaringly wrong/stupid/needing elaboration, please tell me~ (I know the ending's pretty shit, but it was like, 4 when I wrote it)

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Ahahahahahaha stuff I forgot in my last post.

Triple Fortune Brown Beret

I've worn this like 2-3 times... But I still don't think I suit berets. It's a really lovely velvety material. It cost like £20 so I'd like £15 and shipping.

Sexpot Revenge Tshirt

It's a size M. (I'd say up to 38"? Much more and it will stretch the print) The print is kind of cracked but that's because I've worn it/washed it a lot. It cost £20 so I'd like £10 and shipping.

Same rules apply as last time~

Selling my shit again.

I'm not really in need of money anymore but I don't really wear either of these dresses anymore (and truth be told they're kind of too small now anyway...)

Metamorphose Swan Lake jsk

I really love this print but I never wear it. It's missing one of the small buttons that attach the ruffly bib part to the rest of it and I might have lost one of the small bows (although I think I brought them back with me... I'll have to look) Back is shirred, fits up to 36" chest. It has a built in petticoat and I'll get it drycleaned as soon as I can. It apparently cost £160 new so I'd like £120 and shipping.

Metamorphose Music Notes Special Set jsk

I haven't worn this for like a year. It's just taking up space in my wardrobe... Someone take it away!! I don't think I have the waist ties anymore... The back is shirred and will fit up to 37". (high waist so waist is free) The whole set cost like £70, so maybe £40 and shipping? As above I'll get it drycleaned first.

If anyone's interested before I go to the sales comm let me know. Feel free to haggle if you think I'm being unreasonable. I don't have internet at home yet so if you want any extra measurements it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Obviously if you live in Manchester/are willing to travel to Manchester I can give it to you instead of posting it if you want.

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I am so high on orange juice, not sleeping and idk what.

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OK so at the moment I'm in a bit of a dilemma. For one of my ayacon cosplays I need a wig with a massive long white braid, for which I obviously need white extension hair. The place I usually buy this stuff from doesn't have any in stock at the moment, and the only other place I can find to get it is from some American site which charges the most fucking extortionate shipping ever (I could get them through Katie Bair, but I probably wouldn't get them until next year lol) Now, I promised a friend (Yam) that I would cosplay this with her at ayacon, and it looks unlikely that I'll be able to without this hair. However since it's Yam and she probably hasn't started on her cosplay yet anyway should I recommend we leave it until next year? (I still want to cosplay Shirogane, I just can't see myself having this done in time for aya lol) I have a backup cosplay that is cheap and I can put together easily anyway. (because I want to cosplay someone from Litchi Hikari Club so badly ahahahahaha. This isn't just an excuse to make an intestine scarf)

This skirt is still bugging me. I just don't have time right now to search for patterns lol. As soon as I get my exams out of the way I will dedicate all my time to cosplay.

OK disregard this I suck cocks. I'm going ahead with my litchi cosplay. Screw Yam, she can go hang out with her vampire knight bffs if she doesn't like it.